Monday, January 23, 2012

Puff yourself!

It's not often that I start a grand knitting project and actually finish it. At least half of my knitting bag is full of half finished, massive cushions or scarves that I started and forgot about or just got bored with - so this is such a huge achievement that you can hardly blame me for being thrilled and smug. I am so thrilled and smug that I may explode!

This is the puff I've been working on for the past three months, inspired by the fabulous Puff Daddy Stool. He now has pride of place in my living room, looking all pretty next to the television.

The best thing about this project is that it's so easy to knit, even for less able knitters, and satisfying enough even for the most advanced ones, as the end result is simply beautiful - It's knitted furniture - What's cooler than that?

Here's the pattern, adapted slightly by me. You'll need to be able to cast on, cast off, increase and decrease and know both the knit and purl stitches.

You need:

8-10 50g balls of thick, sturdy yarn. I used Wolle Rödel 'Polar' but any chunky style will do. Acrylic mix works best, avoid anything with mohair, Alpaca or similar as this sheds a lot. Merino would look and feel gorgeous but costs a packet.

Circular or long straight needles in correct gauge for chosen yarn. Bear in mind that this is a very heavy knit, and I used straights - practically pulling my shoulders out of joint and giving myself arthritis in the process. Do bear this in mind, y'all.

Large tapestry needle and enough leftover yarn at the end to assemble with.

One or two cheap duvets. Ikea or your local 'cheapy' shop is good for these. You can also use some old cushion inserts, or better, some old cut up clothes like I did. Using duvets makes a very squishy, almost beanbaggy puff but cut up clothes makes a more sophisticated and sturdy one. Please note that you'll need a pretty hefty armful of clothes to get the desired effect, so clear out your wardrobe beforehand. Or steal your boyfriends clothes when he's out.


Cast on 45 stitches.
Kfb* until end of row.
Row one: K1, P1*
Row two: K,*

Carry on in this fashion until all your yarn is used up. This will take ages, I warn you - I'm a pretty fast knitter and it took months. Don't give up, and enjoy the lovely texture the stiches leave as you knit and knit on. It's worth it!

One you have reached the end, k2tog*, cast off and leave enough yarn left over for assembly.

Assemble the first long side. This is supposed to be the top or the bottom of the stool. Put the needle through the end stitch of every second row and tighten. Repeat on the rows in between and tighten until there is no hole in the middle.If there is, you can discreetly sew so that the hole disappears.

At this point, stuff the puff with the duvets, clothes or cushions. To finish, assemble the reverse end as before.

Enjoy your gorgeous new furniture!

I can also make these puffs to order. Please contact me on Etsy for more details, and a quote.