Sunday, January 22, 2012


After a very long hiatus that included moving to Germany, starting a new job, trying to learn a new (extremely difficult/impossible) language and many other strange things inbetween - Lambcake is back!

Originally, Lambcake was mainly focussed on knitted stuff, but as the months have gone by, and what with Hamburg having tons of amazing craft shops, I've started making some cards, gift tags and other papercrafts to fill the shop with, as always aking inspiration from the things surrounding me! It seems like the architecture and the weather here are proving to be pretty good for exercising the creative muscle. Also, not to beat around the bush, having such crappy weather does mean you have to stay in the house more and create! Bear in mind that the Lambcake shop is looking a bit sad and bare right now as I'm yet to list things, but do check back often as some lovely new bits and pieces are being added very soon.

Anyway, greetings to new and old Lambcake fans and followers, amd check back soon!